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Replacement heat link

Community Member

I've been informed (after nearly two weeks of emails, 3 collective hours of phonecalls and absolutely no progress) that I'm to return my "heat link" for replacement.


It is wired in to my central heating and is fundamental to heating my property. I cannot remove it for a replacement. How am I supposed to progress?


Customer services are absolutely hopeless and made me repeat steps I did online, even though I carefully explained I'd been doing those same steps.



Community Member

4-4102000035207 for the rep to track.

A little advice that may help. This is a community forum where the Mods come and go at their leisure, so don't expect things to happen quick!

I'm no Mod, but, how long since the thermostat has been installed, and by who?

I may be able to advise you to by pass the Heat Link as a temporary solution, if you are OK with a screwdriver?