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Thermostat setup app

Community Member

I took a picture while using the setup app for thermostat. It asked if I wanted to use the picture I clicked yes. It asked if I wanted to save the picture, I clicked yes. I can’t find the picture, it’s not in my iPhone photos. Any ideas where it is hiding?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Troyjh,


Thanks for posting here in the Community forum, and I'm sorry to hear about the situation. I want to check to see if you are still in need of any help. If so, where are you located? From North America or Europe? What type of Nest Thermostat do you have? And what app are you using to set up the thermostat?


Also, you may use your phone's camera to take a photo of your thermostat wires instead of using the app, or you may list down the wiring configuration of your thermostat on a piece of paper so you can easily check on it as you setup the thermostat on the app. Once you've taken a photo of the wires, kindly send it here so we can check for the wiring configuration and help you wire it properly as well.


I'll look forward to your response. 




Community Member

Have the basic nest thermostat. In n. America. I got it wired, but want to see that pic. I used the Google home app, add device. Like to know where that pic saved on my iPhone. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello there,

I wanted to stop by and see how I could help.

Thanks for looking into this, Zoe.

We appreciate the information, @Troyjh. Have you managed to check the albums in your gallery to see the picture you took? If it's nowhere to be found, try sharing a photo of your Nest Thermostat's wiring instead, and let us know if you encountered any set-up issues or HVAC system activation issues. This would help us walk you through the process.

Keep us posted.