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Thermostat wiring

Community Member

Here is how my thermostat is wired:

Blue & Brown = RC

Orange = Y

Blue (2nd wire - same color) = G

Yellow = W

Please help, thank you


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

That wiring should be compatible with any of the thermostat models. It sounds as though you may have a jumper wire. If so, don't input that into the app or connect it to a Nest Thermostat, as they don't use jumper wires. If you don't, no drama.

Learn about thermostat jumper wires - Google Nest Help

You should note Nest Thermostats are designed to work without a common ("C") wire in most homes. During installation, you may find that the Nest Thermostat does not receive sufficient power. The Nest Power Connector or a C wire may be necessary. See for more details.