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UK. 3rd Gen Nest Thermostat problem Humidifier or Dehumidifier mode only

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Hi -

After resetting all settings Humidifier or Dehumidifier mode only

no possibility to change this is UK

heatlink blue indicator light

Nest no error code

Any ideas?


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You are UK with a Heat Link?

I think you will find if you are in that mode and UK thermostat with Heat Link, the problem is a Base Ring Connector issue. The round ring part, the thermostat attaches to.

Thank you 

Can I buy it as a spare part?


Not from Nest as they do not sell parts.

Are you saying the thermostat was working fine for UK standard gas/oil or similar boiler, and you have now done factory reset, and all you get is the USA style Humidifier or Dehumidifier?

I have Nest parts, and list on ebay at times, I do have the Base Rings.



Yes , after reset all I get is the USA style Humidifier or Dehumidifier and menu 24V

I bought nest in UK screwfix G.B version 

How I can change the software back to UK in the menu? any idea?

The problem you have is the software in the Base Ring is corrupted.

The easy way is to place the thermostat display on another Base Ring, and hope it resets. The problem you have is, finding someone you know who has one to do that.

How old is the thermstat?


Only 3 years old 

always worked without problems now this equipment has gone mad 

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If the lifetime of this nest is only calculated for 3 years and I have to buy a new one again, then where saving in energy bills? I am very disappointed Nest thermostat 

I would take it back to the retailer with your receipt, and ask them to sort it out.

They will look at you and say, WHAT!!!!!! You bought that 3 years ago, -  you say, - AND, is that a problem!!!!

They will think you are nutcase, and you will say, I would like YOU as the retailer to to either repair the faulty item or replace the faulty item under consumer law.

Consumer law means the following....

1. Not lasted for a reasonable length of time

2. Not fit for purpose

3. Item must be of satisfactory quality

Your thermostat has not lasted for a reasonable length of time, and you want it repaired or replaced.


Consumer Law by the way is calculated over a period of so many years depending how much the item cost in the first place. Working on the basis you paid about £200 for the thermostat, and working on the basis it should last for a reasonable length of time, which I would say is at least 5 years plus.


I live in the UK not in the USA I bought the thermostat in a store in England why has the software changed to what is used in the USA? and now I can't use it in the UK I think the company will end the same as Nokia or other such companies that have not respected the user

I understand you live in the UK. The Nest thermostat was designed originally for the USA, and they rolled them out for Europe market with the Heat Link, as we use boilers.

The Base Ring has software in it to allow the Europe version to work.

I bet your display is in Farenheight as well, and only shows the lower tempreture like 9 degrees?

Yours has become corrupted somehow, and you now have a USA style thermostat. This is a software corruption, and with another Base Ring, I'm 99% certain you will be back up and running.

You're right shows what you're saying,

the problem is that there is nowhere and how to buy a spare base ring 

I thought as much.

i have Base Rings etc., and list on ebay at times.

Where are you located?

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Hi I'm having the same issue following a reset. So if you replace the base ring can you keep your old heatsink or do both need replacing 

Hi, did you manage to resolve the issue? I’m having the same issue too.



9/10 it's the base ring if you have a UK thermostat.

I contacted Google (nest) they replaced it

Hello mine has just done the same- can you advise who you contacted? Thanks 

Hi Craig just nest support on the help page of the website 

Thanks I’ll take a look tomorrow, what info did you have to provide? Pics etc? Sorry appreciate realise this seems lazy but I’d like to be prepared 👍🏻

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Hi, I contacted nest support and explained the situation, they logged into our account to try remote support but that failed. They asked us to send our thermostat to them (dpd)  and they sent us a replacement a couple of days later. 

Yes, the Base Ring has nothing to do with either the Display or Heat link for pairing