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Nest Learning thermostat gen. 3

With the unit off the base, there are 2 mini phillips head screws to remove the plastic rear cover that won't budge. Suggestions to remove the screws?

Nest thermostat errors

Hi. I am having a few problems with my Nest Thermostat (software version 6.1.1~21). Issue 1: the room temperature display is at least 5 degrees Celsius higher than actual temperature. I have reset and hard reset more than once. No difference. Issue 2...

Nest Thermostat Router Connection

I have a Nest thermostat in my vacation home in Montana. Occasionally (every three months or so) it loses connectivity with the router. Not being able access it with the US/Canadian border closure a neighbor goes over and reboots the router and all i...

Can’t add Learning Thermostat to app

I have a new Learning Thermostat that was professionally installed and I was able to add it to my app. However after two days it appeared offline. I deleted if from the app but I cannot add it again. I’ve restarted it several times, rebooted my route...

Nest Indoor Temp Stuck .. Help

My Nest Thermostat shows 20.5 C as the indoor temperature and never changes. It's always 20.5 C. Night and day while the Co.fort setting is 19.5 C a d the Sleeping setting is 17.5 C. What is wrong with the I door temperature reading? Has anyone else ...

WiFi not detected

My Nest Thermostat has all of the sudden stopped detecting my WiFi network and even if I type it in will not recognize it or connect, help! I’ve contacted my WiFi provider and it’s working properly. I’ve had this nest for about 5-6 years and it’s bee...

Nicole88 by Community Member
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Heat link - power failure

Had a learning Thermostat for about 18 months with no issues. Now my heat link unit has completely failed (thermostat is still on, as is the boiler itself which shares the same power circuit as the heat link). Tried all of the suggested options in ot...

siash000 by Community Member
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Learning Thermostat Fan Test Fails

Hello, I am sure one of you will know the answer. After installation and during the testing procedure, the fan test fails to turn on the blower. It runs fine during heating and cooling. I have the wires correct because I double checked and the blower...