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Unable to sign in or reset password for Nest app

Community Member

I have just got a new phone so I got signed out of Nest app. I am now not able to log back in or reset the password…the log in details are definitely correct. I get the message ‘invalid token’ when I try and create a new password. I have reset the thermostat and also reinstalled the app but not working on my new or old phone. Can anyone help please? 


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

@JV123 ,

Resetting the Nest Thermostat has absolutely nothing to do with the Nest Account. If you need to reset your Nest account password, you need to use a PC and login Nest cloud. You login with the ID and Password you used when you first set up the Nest Account.  Once logged in you can change the password.  

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Thanks for the reply. The issue has actually resolved itself a second thermostat reset…may just have been coincidence!