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Unreliable nest thermostat

Community Member

I am pretty tired of having to get in my car and drive 70 miles to reset my nest thermostat to prevent my house from freezing. This thing had a single job and it can't even do that. I have perfect Wi-Fi and internet at my house and I can watch all my cameras and unlock all my doors and turn on all my lights so that's not the problem. I have full control of the thermostat all the time remotely so connectivity is not the problem. The problem I'm repeatedly having is that the thermostat refuses to actually turn on the heat reliably. It is set correctly and I have verified this many times. The problem is I have to restart it every few weeks or months in order for it to reliably turn my heat on for more than a few minutes. There is no remote restart on the app or at least none that I can find. That would save me a whole lot of driving. If it doesn't get resolved, I'm switching to Honeywell today. I'm pretty tired of this. You spend $300 on something to make your life easier and I've spent more than that on gasoline just to get it to operate.



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Agree.  They are not reliable.  Having same problem.

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Agreed. Extremely hit or miss if the thermostat communicates and triggers the heating to come on. Had this for over a year, same issues using the app to activate the heating. Should have known better to use a Google product, they don't exactly have a strong track record in seeing through product development to a strong conclusion.