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White Rodgers Thermal Relay to Nest thermostat

Community Member

Hello I have electric baseboard heat in my finished basement. There are 2 loads that pass thru a 

24A06G-1 white rodgers Thermal Relay. The relay is controlled by a 2 wire thermostat. I was getting the "need a c-wire" error so I bought the power connector but don't know how to connect the C portion of the connector to the relay or my electical panel. any thoughts? there aren't any clear Basically 2 double pole breakers(4 wires come in to the relay and then 2 come out to the thermostat. There are no indications as to where in the relay I can attach the C. There is no board either with screw on connectors. I assume I will be linking via a wire nut that is already in place. 
2-Wire Thermostat (R & W) Black w/White stripe and
White to terminal W. Red to
terminal R.
Power Input: Black & Blue
Heat Load 1: Red & L2
Heat Load 2: Black w/Red stripe & L2

Community Member

Hi @Greena57I have exactly the same set up any luck with it so far? If so can you please guide me