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nest learning thermostat and nest thermostat e compatibility

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I have a nonsmart thermostat that has 4 wires-rh, 0, G, Y/y2.  There is no C wire.

The compatibility checker does not. show a Y/y2 wire, only shows, Y,or Y1, or Y2.

Is my Y/y2  wire compatible for hookup on the learning thermostaat and /or the Themostat E?

Is my G wiring compatible with either nest?

Do I need an adaptor kit because of this wiring?

Also, dont see a control board wiring panel in the furnace? Where is it?


Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

Yes both models will work the Y is just Y it turns on the outside AC unit.

G turns on the fan

Rh is power +

O is usually for heat pumps only is this a heat pump a/c system?

Do you have extra wire in the cable that is not connected? Usually the cable has 5 wires and one might be wrapped around the cable in the wall and can be used for the common.

You need to go to the system and locate the thermostat wires and follow them to the terminal strip and post a pic of where they go with the screw labels visible.

Houptee -- NJ Master HVAC Licensed Contractor

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Platinum Product Expert

Post a picture of the original thermostat's wiring here.

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