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(non learning) Nest is set to ECO/Away and still turns on/heats above ECO setting

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I have 8 Nests (non-learning) and manually set them all to Away/ECO mode when I am going out of town. Every so often, I check the temps when away and one or more randomly has turned up the heat, well above the ECO temp. It seems completely random. In history, I can see that this is sometimes heating for days, wasting energy. Sensing is off for all of them. 

Any ideas what could be causing/how to get them to maintain Away/Eco until I turn back to home?


Community Member

I noticed that happening to my Nest Thermostat (non-learning) this Summer. I did same as you set it to Away and forgot about it for a few days, you should be able to do that with Smart Devices correct?

When I did get curious how things were going and Connected to my Home I was surprised to see it had turned on the AC.... I mean the whole reason for getting a Smart Thermostat was to avoid wasting Electricity/Heating Fuel when the House is empty. 

As a work around until I could get home to try and figure it out (which I never was able to) I changed one of my Temp Presets to match the Echo one and made sure that Temp PreSet was the only one enabled in my Schedules.  This way if the Away From Home acted up at least it would only trigger that one PreSet Temp and it matched the Echo one. 

Then I would re-adjust the PreSet Temp when I was going to be back Home again. 

I guess you get what you pay for... others have told me to get an EchoBee but no-no I figured hey I have a Google Speaker, why not also get a Google Thermostat...  


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Thanks, but it seems that the software should be changed to fix this issue, not a workaround. I keep waking up sweating because it is 76 in the summer at night.

I live in the UK.  In the middle of November my central heating was on eco when I got out of bed.  I was freezing!

I suppose this was something to do with the apparent switching to Google Home.

Annoyed with Google, but not surprised.