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not showing the right outside temperature

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not showing the correct outside temperature 



The Nest does not have outside sensors.  It gets the outside temp by connecting to an internet weather service.  In order for it to know where your home is, you have to specify your location properly during your Google account and Nest setup.

My Nest app shows my correct location, but the outside temp is off bu ############ degrees!  I don’t know how Google can mess this up!  Any thoughts?

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Any idea what internet weather service it  is interrogating? There is a huge difference in the accuracy of these services. 

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It uses the closest weather station being pulled off of the weather channel. So they're very well could be I don't want to say significant but I have seen others of like a 15° variance but that can happen within like half a mile between two locations so it's just unfortunately something we have to live with cuz unless we have the weather station in her backyards chances are it's going to be different. 

I have two thermostats in two different cities.  How can I get the correct local temp on the one that is not at my account home location?

Something we have to live with?? It’s calling for aux heat which costs 4x as much when it’s 50* outside but it’s showing outside temp as 30*. Not something I can live with. 

Your outside temp is determined by your google account location.  Is your account location the same as the thermostat location? If not, you need to address the issue there.