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thermostat brightness

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I just installed a Google Nest thermostat.  It seems to be working fine except the screen is too dim when the room is in a low light situation. I have checked all the settings on the device, in the home app ios, and in the home app android.  I cannot find anything that will let me adjust the brightness of the screen. Is there no way to control the screen?  It is totally unacceptable to have the scree dimmed so low that you cannot read it.



There should be a brightness setting on your thermostat. 

How to change the Nest Thermostat's display brightness

On the Nest Thermostat: Push the Thermostat > Turn the outside dial clockwise until the Settings cog is highlighted > Push the Thermostat to select > Turn the outside dial clockwise through the blue circles until you reach Brightness > Push the Thermostat to select the desired brightness. Your options are Auto, Low, Medium and High.

There should be a brightness setting, but I cannot find it. My only choices are: Celcius/Farenheit, Click Sound, and Wake Display in settings

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I have seen this process posted elsewhere but this new Nest thermostat does not have a brightness option under settings.

Is this the Nest thermostat 2020? i.e the one with the mirrored face plate. 


I own one of those and I don’t have issues with dimming being so low that it’s difficult to read. Flash a flashlight on it to force recalibration  and try to see if it resolves the problem. It could just be a lemon and you can just exchange it to see if that resolves the issue. 

Ok, thanks for your time.  Just disappointed there is no setting for this. 

Not that I know of for that model. 

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Were you able to figure out a solution? I have the same issue. I can't believe it's suppose to be that dark. I have to use my phone screen to shine on the Nest, which makes it brighter for a second but goes dim again when I take it away. Seems like the auto-dimming feature is turned up to 11 or something...

No,  I hope google nest updates the firmware and add a brightness control feature.

I recently bought two Nest thermostats and both are very difficult to read because they are too dim in low light situations such as a 60w table lamp while watching tv at night. It seems unlikely that both thermostats would be lemons. Both thermostats have new batteries and were installed by professional HVAC/electricians. From what I am reading, is it true that nest used to offer a brightness control but decided to delete that feature from its newest model? Is that correct?

This works!  Thank you!

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I have the same issue.. at night or when room is very dark.. the thermostat is very dim. Hard to see the screen.. i have to turn on the lights then the screen on the thermostat brightens up.. there is no brightness setting that i see on the thermostat or google home app for the google nest 2020 version.. they need to update this




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Agree, I have the same issue.   The thermostat is too dim in a dark room.  They need a way to change the setting. 

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No setting for brightness google need to update firmware and add this option

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I just purchased two Nest thermostats and my husband is very upset with me for buying these expensive thermostats that are unreadable in low light situations, like watching TV at night. I am shocked and disappointed that there is no way to increase the display brightness. Come on, you guys! Do better!

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Same problem. Does anyone from Google reply to these support issues or is there a better channel to resolve this issue?

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I did not receive a response from Nest on this site, so I personally called Google Nest. They explained that in the past version, my type of Nest thermostat had brightness adjustments. As of 2022, they told me the brightness adjustment was only available on the Nest Learning thermostat. 

Thanks for updating this thread so I can stop wasting my time trying to find a solution! 

That's too funny. You have to buy the more expensive version for brightness adjustment. As if that were some kind of ADVANCED feature. 😛

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I know!

automatic brightness + mirrored face = failure 

I have to say, I don’t understand the function or the value in the mirrored face. I don’t like it at all and I’m sure it’s contributing to if not causing our problem! 

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I agree that you can’t seem to adjust the brightness but you can set the display to come on when the thermostat is tapped instead of motion sensing on the app: (settings-thermostat setting-wake display-on press). At least this way it stays semi bright till you exit and seems to stay on longer. Not a perfect solution but it kept me from at least returning it to the store. 

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OK, I actually had the brightness just go dim on mine as well. Have had ZERO issues for over 3 years and all of a sudden today it literally just went dim. After reading this thread I took a bright LED flashlight and shined it on the thermostat and it magically went back to bright. Sounds stupid but try it, at least it worked for me as I do not have an option in the settings

Did it stay bright after you removed the flashlight? The issue with ours (and I think everyones) is that it has adaptive brightness, and the "dim" setting is way too dim for dark rooms. It gets brighter if I shine my phone on it, but immediately goes dim again when I move it.  Thanks!

Yes, I just walked back in there and its still bright as normal. Keep in mind this all just happened today. Hopefully it will stay that way. Never had this issue in over 3 years, weird!