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All the photos in my album are not playing on my home device

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original Poster: Julie Stoecklein 


I have selected photos to play on my device Andy only two of the nine are playing


Community Specialist
Community Specialist
Hi Julie,
Google Photos automatically attempts to select what it thinks are the best photos from your Live Albums and Recent highlights. From your existing private and shared albums, Google Photos attempts to remove bad photos (blurry, poor exposure, low resolution, or near duplicate), but will not otherwise curate the contents of your albums. You can completely turn off curation for private and shared albums when you change the “Personal photo curation” setting to “Live albums only.” No curation at all is done on your Favorites.
Note: If photos in your private and shared albums don't appear and you expect them to, turn off curation for those albums. To do this, change the “Personal photo curation” setting to “Live albums only.”
Let us know if you have any further questions.
-From Cathal S, Gold Product Expert.

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Community Specialist

Hey there, 

Just wanted to jump in here to check to see if you still needed help on this. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns as I will be locking this in 24 hours. 


Have a great day. 

Garrett DS

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi All,


We haven't heard any updates from you. I'll go ahead and lock this thread. If you're still experiencing problems, feel free to start a new thread and we'll be happy to help.

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Charing "personal photo curation" setting to "Live albums only" does not appear to stop curation, even on Favorites. We continue to see a small subset of our Favorites. This has been an issue for a long time now. Is it supposed to play them sequentially or at random? Is there a limit to buffering that causes the same small subset of Favorite photos to be presented?