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Google Nest won’t connect to wifi

Community Member

I brought my Google home mini from my last house to my college apartment (not a dorm). There are two wi-fi’s here a public one and one that is password protected. i have attempted to connect with both of them but was not successful. The networks name is White Sky. Is there any way to connect to a shared wifi or is my only option to get my own router ? 


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

If the shared network is properly set up, devices connected to it can't communicate to each other. Thus, it would be hard to use the Google home mini, wouldn't it?

If that's not the case, all devices connected to that public Wi-Fi can communicate. Which means anyone could use your Google home mini. Which is not ideal either.

If you have your own ethernet plug with internet, get your own router. Maybe a used one, like a Google Wifi 1st gen?

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