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Google WIFI Application.

Community Member

I have to say I see a lot of people frustrated with the google home application. I am very much also beyond words with the way i was forced to switch from Google WIFI to Google Home. Everything worked and functioned fine. I didn't ask for any changes nor did I want any changes. Since the google WIFI application was defunct without our input and made non functional by way of un asked for "Up Grade" or "Update" I feel I have been ripped off. My system has not worked since. The product I purchased worked fine. So they come a long without permission and made the product I purchased worthless without letting me have any input on it. I have spent countless hours on the phone, on the internet and reading blogs on how to fix this issue in which I didn't ask for to begin with. I feel we should all get a refund for the product in full. Actually a class action lawsuit that would compensate for all the time spent and loss of service would be a better solution. As far as I can see Google is not even trying to fix the problem themselves. they set up these communities and let us try and solve our own issues with it. The fact that they essentially robbed us of the product we purchased by making it non functional after the fact has to be some kind of criminal. They either need to come up with a solution to the problem or refund us all our money. Forcing us to come up with our own solutions is not an acceptable fix for the problem. Or jus give us our GOOGLE WIFI application back and quit screwing with things that have already been sold . I am yes venting but seriously want a solution that does not waste any more of my time or cost me any more money.