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Is it possible to remove (but not block) offline WiFi devices from displaying in the Home app?


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Original Poster: Chris Karagiannis

My device list is getting rather long since each time a product is reset, replaced, upgraded or in some cases even reconfigured, Google Home > WiFi > Devices registers a new device and requires a unique alias. 

I'd like to remove from the list offline devices that will no longer be connected to my network, recovering aliases like 'My phone' in the process of keeping my network organised.


Hi All, 


I wanted to hop in here and provide an update. If devices are greyed out, paused, or offline in your list, it will take 60 days for them to fall off the list as unfortunately, there is not a way to remove those. This is something that has been a request to be added a few times, and I am happy to send this to the appropriate team. The more requests we get for a feature, the more likely it will get added. 
I appreciate your feedback.
Best regards, 
Garrett DS
- From Garrett (Community Specialist)

Some of These disabled devices have been on the list for much longer than 60 days


- From EytanNY

Community Member

Hi Garrett,

Just wanted to also request that Google do so something to address this.  I've had Nest for less than two months and my greyed out device list is already substantial.


Community Member

Can't believe people have been complaining about this for years, and it's such a simple feature to add and yet nothing has been done. Get your act together, google. 

Yes, please - add the feature to manually remove offline devices, rather than having to wait 60 days for them to fall off the list.  I just spent an hour Googling how to do this, then arrived here to find out it's impossible.

Please send a request again for me!!!  I have SO many and it makes it impossible and beyond aggravating when trying to organize and keep track of devices.  Especially in a household with 6 people and all of their devices!

Community Member

Hi Garrett, these devices are not disappearing after 60 days.  Is Google addressing this in any way?

Community Member

So to be clear if I pause a device on my google home app and it is not used for 60 days, then it will automatically delete itself from my network?

Community Member

Please add this feature. 

Community Member

There are devices on my list that have been disconnected well past the 60 day mark. Aside from resetting my entire network this is unacceptable. Add this as a feature request. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to delete an old device from your network list. 

Community Member

Please add a manual "remove device" feature - soon - the inability to do so is driving me bonkers! Thank you.