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Media stream over LAN slows to a crawl after 15 minutes

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For listening to music upstairs I rely on a client relationship between a media server downstairs streaming to my iPhone. I’m trying to figure out why the data stream from my media server slows down over my LAN, eventually to a crawl and the playing stops. It begins to happen after approximately 5 or 6 tracks, and there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it. If I reset the mesh it may work for awhile but eventually the problem persists. Tonight, I’m not able to do anything at all. I reset the mesh… the 1st track won’t finish, instead hangs. I’ve even tried giving the server priority, but no change. If I give my iPhone priority, also no change. 

I’m most likely connecting to my upstairs mesh unit, while the primary mesh unit is downstairs hardwired to the server, with a another secondary unit downstairs and beneath my bedroom. I’ve since tested and realized that it’s likely a secondary unit problem because it works like a charm if I’m streaming and close by to the primary mesh. 

It’s not a question of file size, because it affects MP3s as much as 24bit FLACs. The funny thing is I can easily switch over to the iPhone’s Music app and stream 24bit-96kHz all night long from iTunes. I’m not saying it’s a Google mesh problem, but I’d like to know how to troubleshoot the possibility that it is the mesh.

Any thoughts? Any questions?

Cheers from the Avalon…


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Check your router temperature.  Just touch it.  If it's really warm  (Mine was and I could not really figure out why)  I just bought a 120mm USB fan and set the router on it.  None of the other WIFI points are hot so I'm wondering if it is just the local load on my LAN.   

Note I was also having the entire network go down occasionally.  Typically in the middle of the night.  Not sure what would cause that but this has cured those drop-offs as wellIMG_20220226_070444.jpg

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Community Specialist

Hi folks,


@stgubala1, thanks for the help!


@rarewolf, how's it going with your Google WiFi? Still need our help?






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I need help with understanding what the problem was. I moved the media server just a room away from my listening spot. It improved but the problem remained. I could watch the progress of the wifi stream relative to playback, and watch the stream simply hang until playback caught up, and silence. Walking into the server’s room fixed it. 
I found a local deal on a set of the same generation—which was lucky—and used only 2 of them to rearrange the mesh so that I could have a point in my listening room. All is good, and works just as it should. 
This would leave me to believe it was simply a problem of point location, but that doesn’t explain why I was able to stream high-res radio and iTunes without even a hiccup…

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Along with why I should be experiencing this problem while iTunes lossless and watching Youtube videos showed no similar network slowdowns, I should also mention one other very relevant troubleshooting result. That is, whenever I experienced this problem I would also have Google Home test the network. It always came up with “blazing fast”… #gofigure