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Can I connect to two different routers?

I'm at my parent's house and I was trying to connect to their WiFi by using the WPS button on their Netgear router. I didn't realize they were using a Nest Wifi router for their devices. Now my laptop is connected to the Netgear wifi but the other de...

Ntc by Community Member
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Internet connection loss

I lost internet connection and my wifi works but Google home does not see my speakers and lights.

Fernando2 by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Mac internet speed drops near zero several times each day

Nest wifi works fine with our iphones but our macs experience effective disconnection several times each day. Wifi still appears connected, but there is no internet. Checking Google Home, it looks like it's near zero speed rather than complete discon...

echidna44 by Community Member
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Resolved! Improving Performance of Google Home Devices

Does the Nest WiFi have WiFi mesh features that improve the performance of the Google Smart speakers? (Nest Hub, Nest Minis). I've recently encountered a lot of timeout issues on my smart speakers, and Google support has told me that the lag is being...

kcexn by Community Member
  • 14 replies
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Resolved! I keep getting a “no connection “ message. Any ideas?

I purchased a three pack google Wi-Fi. The primary point connected to the modem is fine. However when I try to setup the waypoints I keep getting a “no connection” error message. I’m using the google horne app to start the process, and I’ve scanned t...

youed by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Resolved! Nest Wifi Router

The primary Nest wifi router is connected to the DSL modem in the master bedroom. I am using a 2nd Nest wifi router as a point in my home office and a test of the mesh system says it has a great connection. I would like to plug my laptop directly int...

evans_t by Community Member
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Resolved! Connection to Modem

I'm just a little confused - I listened to the video to help install the google wifi and they show the required equipment to install. From your information:1) What Google Wifi does (and why it's cool)Google Wifi is a home mesh Wi-Fi system that repla...

Resolved! Did recent update solve the 2.4 GHz issue for smart devices?

I've just purchased a Google WiFi system but am concerned about the ability to choose a 2.4 GHz channel that so many smart devices have as the only option. If Google doesn't have a management app to separate the two or to turn off 5 GHz while setting...

RBG53 by Community Member
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Faulty Link

I need to replace my Nest Wifi router. It continuously disconnects (it's <2monthe old)I received an email to have it replaced free of charge, but the link will not work. I see that other people has had this issue. How can we fix this?(Hi sarahlee0913...

SJones by Community Member
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Setting up Google Nest wifi: DNS resolution failed

My wifi is not working. I connected directly to the modem and we have internet. I did a factory reset on our Nest (as we have done in the past when this happened). I am using Google Home app to setup the Nest. I go to setup new device and I get this ...

MM_15 by Community Member
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