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Mesh network

Community Member

So, I've had this mesh network for a couple yrs and up until 6 months ago it seemed to be running as designed. I repeatedly get the notice within the Google Home app that there's "another DHCP server detected", but have ignored it since the system seemed to be ok. 6 months ago, or so, all (3 at the time, now 2) of the wifi points lights were pulsing orange. As suggested at the time by someone in this forum, I physically connected each wifi point to the primary Google unit until the light went solid white, then returned them to their original locations. All fine until a week ago when the wifi points started pulsing orange again. 
All units are NLS-1304-25, running sw ver 14150.43.81
Primary unit: LAN & WAN IP add, since it's conn'd via ethernet to my VPN router (behind the ISP's modem)//Home app says it's connected to 2 wifi points.
Wifi units: No LAN IP//Mesh connection
Speed test: BLAZING
Mesh test: 1 or more units are offline (both indicate offline after mesh test) "Fix it" tells me to go into settings of each wifi point and make changes...can't do that unless it's actually offline.
When initially opening Home app>wifi: app says all units are ok.
I've reset power multiple times, but can't get the steady white indication anymore.
It's NOT effective to have to re-accomplish the physical cable connection every month or whatever, I might as well just remove the "mesh" and hope for the best. 

Hopefully this is enough info for someone to point me to a solid and "permanent" fix.