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Nest Wi-Fi point connection issues

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Hi community, I bought the Google Nest Wi-Fi with 2 points a little over a year ago. I live in a 2000sq ft multi level home. The modem and main Nest router are upstairs as close to center of home as possible and 1 point is upstairs and the other is down stairs. The upstairs point is in the main hallway about 10 feet away from main router with a wall in between. The down stairs point is about 30 feet away from main router with a wall and ceiling in between. Both points will have a Great Connection when powered on for a couple days. Then they will drop down to good connection after a couple more days, then weak connection after a couple more days and by the end of a week of getting powered on and connected at least one of them with go offline causing all kinds of hell in devices connected. 

Now I know I don't "need" to have to points but I did pay for them and it's beyond return time frame so I figure I will use both points. But they keep disconnecting. It's driving me nuts! When I unplug them both, everything that was being affected by the points either having weak connections or going offline works great when they are only connected to the main router. So I started doing some research into having too many points. To my understanding with my square footage I don't need any points at all. I do listen to music with them though and they sound way better than the Google home minis do musically so I would love to keep using them.
Right now I'm only going to run my downstairs point and see if it slowly falls off the network being the only point connected. I'll give it a week to test since they always seem to fall off within a week, then I'll connect the other point by itself for a week to test. 
BTW I'm with Cox communications and I've always thought our internet was spotty because my points would fall off network. Now I'm starting to think different. I'm starting to think I have unnecessary points when the main router will suffice for a 2k square foot home. I pay for the gigablast internet package with Cox. I'm constantly 850+ download and about 35 upload speeds. Google had been helping me trouble shoot this but they are baffled as well.
Does anyone have any insight to a problem like this? If at the end of the day it turns out I don't need the points for WiFi, it would be nice to use them for music...

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi hyperthred,


Thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear that you're having an issue with your Google WiFi points. I'd love to know more about this and I have a few questions:

  • Is the Google Wifi or Nest Wifi child point connected directly to a power outlet?
  • Is the parent point online?
  • What's the color of the light on the parent and child points?

Looking forward to your response.




Hi I thought I replied to this earlier but it looks like my response didn't post.


My points are both connected directly to power outlets but the main router was connected to a surge protector. It is now connected directly an outlet. I never thought about a surge protector possibly being an/the issue. 

The parent point is online

The color of the light on the parent point is white and there are no lights that actively stay lit on the points but when/if they disconnect there is an orange glow under the point. 


As of now there is no glow of any color under any point. 

At the moment the upstairs point has a weak connection and the downstairs point has a great connection. both point are positioned downstairs however as I'm testing for best position. The Upstairs point is the farthest away from parent router and has a few walls and a ceiling in between the connection. The parent router is upstairs by the modem.

My house is 2000 square feet and I believe the parent router to be enough to run it but I bought the router and 2 points as a package from best buy like 1.5 years ago. I thought with multiple level home I would need more points.

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I have had exactly the same issue this weekend and
worked it out today - If you connect to the WiFi the AP
generates and press the i beside the name, ensure that
the following is all switched off:
Low Data
Private Wi-Fi Address
• Limit IP Tracking
I switched it off and they connected to the mesh after
that. Been hours trying to fix it!!!!!!

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi folks,


@Luisvas, thanks for the help!


@hyperthred, If you're still experiencing the same issue, please try doing the steps that Luisvas stated and let us know the results.




Hi Edward, I really don't think Luisvas's reply has anything to do with my problem. I am grateful for the input from Luis though.



When you say if you connect to the Wi-Fi, what do you mean? If you connect to the Wi-Fi? What am I connecting to the Wi-Fi? Are you talking about connecting a point to the Wi-Fi? Are you talking about connecting my phone to the Wi-Fi so I can open up the Google home app and manage this? I am just unclear about this.


I'm having a hard time understanding after you said the AP generates and press the i beside the name. Where can I find the name where it has the i next to it?

Hi Luisvas, I am not finding any of that information or those settings anywhere within the Wi-Fi settings. Is there any chance you could share screen shots?

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next to wifi name is info. Open that and turn off data privacy and the other one. 

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 everything has to be off. On the wifi on the google point. 

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Are these settings and screenshots inside the Google Home App? 


It seems like you are talking about connecting a device like a phone or computer to the Nest Wi-Fi router or mesh system??


Where my problem lies is within the Google Home App, but not with the app itself, rather the problem is with the points. About once every 3-4 days my connected devices like a computer or smart TV will randomly drop off of my network connection. When I open the Google Home App and run a speed test on my Nest Wi-Fi Router, my speeds are fine but when I run the Test Mesh option one or both of my points will have a weak connection or be offline altogether. I don't know what is causing this issue. Right now the only way I can fix this is to unplug both nest points (not the parent router) wait 10 seconds or more then plug them back in. As you can imagine, this is a pain to do. I don't have an issue connecting a device to my Nest Wi-Fi Mesh system at all and there is no option when I connect a device to my Wi-Fi to select connecting to my parent router or one of my points. I believe the device I'm trying to connect chooses the closest access point whether it is the parent router or one of the two points. My only problem is after about 3-4 days the points start becoming weak or going offline. I don't know why.


I hope this explanation is more clear than my original post and I'm sorry if my original post was unclear.

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My Wi-Fi nest point system is not connecting properly I need help please


Don't hijack my thread please. With that said, perform a factory reset and try again!

I'm not trying to be rude. You posted a COMPLETELY different problem at the bottom of a thread where you won't possibly get the kind of attention you are looking for if you would've just started your own thread. Posting a response about not connecting properly in a thread with different issues (even though they may look closely related) isn't going to help you.