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upgrading home wifi setup

Time to make a move with modem / router / wifi situation. More and more the incompatibilities with equipment are preventing us from using de facto capabilities that are available / being purchased. I own the Arris T 25 modem --- as installed ~ 18 mos...

3cap by Community Member
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Google Nest Wifi Pro Wifi 6e

Hi, I can't connect to Google Nest Wifi Pro band 6e. I'm using Google Pixel 7 Pro and also Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

TheSlick by Community Member
  • 12 replies
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How to schedule reboot of Google Wi-Fi

The forced migration to the Google Home app (which is an inferior version of the Google Wi-Fi app) seems to have been the turning point when my rock solid Google mesh turned to sludge. Nothing I can do about that since Google isn't listening to anyon...

Wi-Fi download speed test are slow; Guest Wi-Fi is fast

I have 500mbps internet coming into my home. I’ve been using the Google nest Wi-Fi with one access point for over a year. I have a main SSID and a guest. All 29 devices in my house have always been connected to the main. All of a sudden download spee...

Google Wifi: IP-reservations is flooded with unknown

When i add IP-reservations the list is flooded with old devices without name. Time to fix this issue so we can manually delete old devices? I have hundreds...

BeFs by Community Member
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Resolved! Port forwarding not working!

I'm trying to host a server for a game. I have done this several times before (on the same computer and same network), but now it just won't work. I can connect to the server through my IPv4, but not through my public IP.I have had a similar issue be...

JustHans by Community Member
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I can’t link my laptop and printer to the wifi

I have been trying through the chat with google all day to find out what the network security key is, how to find it and how to reset it and i can’t get anything can someone please help me I am in trouble?

h1 by Community Member
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Google nest connection

After a power outage my nest ( second one)?says I’m not connected Finally found the 8 digit code but now asking for password The one I wrote down doesn’t work and I can’t see a forgot password - help my phone says I’ve got WiFi which is strange since...

hefferc by Community Member
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Matter broke wifi

Who else is having all kinds of connectivity issues with Nest/Google wifi since Google released the Matter update a few days ago? Everything was working fine and now all of a sudden most of my devices are having connectivity issues and all of my Goog...

Wee by Community Member
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