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Introducing Google Nest Wifi Pro (Wi-Fi 6E) - The better way to Wi-Fi Read more

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Google Nest Wifi and MS Teams

I am getting very low bandwidth on MS teams conferencing (sent video 0.06Mbps and 320x180 resolution) despite having a fast broadband connection - this is a critical issue for me as I work from home full time and have had this issue for over a year!I...

GrantN by Community Member
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Nest WiFi Port forwading not found

I'm trying to access port control. The help document says to go to my Google Home Icon and tap WiFi this does not exist. I go to Settings and Advanced setting does not exist. How to handle port settings? ThanksAlan

Google wifi mesh

I recently installed Google fiber at my home using a Google modem/router. I previously had my Google Wi-Fi mesh (not the Nest) connected to my old internet (Spectrum). I also have a Sonos system in my house. When I turn on and add the Google mesh Wi-...

Jgallert by Community Member
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Resolved! Wifi Guest network inconsistent

1) Three windows computers (2 win10, 1 win11) accessing Guest network and can communicate to the internet but 2 of 3 can not connect to another device on the same network. 2) All computers can reach SOME devices but not all the same devices.3) There ...

chefbbq by Community Member
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Does Google Mesh Router Work with Modem/Router?

My current modem with built in router that I have from Comcast isn't providing a good signal with my work laptop. I've worked with my work DSP and Comcast, and can't seem to get it resolved. One issue is that my modem/router is on the other side of t...

Google wifi

I just purchased the Google mesh wifi system and I was just wondering how can you tell which devices are getting signal from which mesh point. Do you just have them in the same room on google home app?

Firewall issues?

I have a camera system Im trying to access remotely. Tech support for the camera systemsays they cant get in either because of the router firewall. How can I allow connection?? Thanks

Mb319 by Community Member
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Google WiFi lost internet connection

A new one on me.On Sunday, we suddenly lost internet connection via wifi. When I checked, the internet was up (one PC is hardwired to the modem). All devices showed that they were connected to wifi. Therefore the only possibility was that the main un...

Connection issues

Our house is set up with nest wifi router & 3 points. All devices work ok with it except for a new MacBook Air which although it connects to the network it isn’t getting any internet except when using Chrome browser? Any suggestions?

Cozzy by Community Member
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