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No PSK code / network key after factory reset of Goggle WiFi access point/router

Community Member

Hello, I have found two threads with the same issue as I am having now. After I completed the factory reset the device is having a pulsating blue light indicating it is in setup mode. I connected to it and loaded the API: and listed inside is the network name but the PSK is missing. The two cases I saw didn't list a resolution, and the conversation is locked. Please let me know what is the resolution to this issue. here are the two conversations I was referring to:


Here is the output from my device:

   "dns": {
      "mode": "automatic",
      "servers": [  ]
   "setupNetwork": {
      "ssid": "setupF3310"
   "setupState": "NO_SETUP",
   "software": {
      "blockingUpdate": 0,
      "softwareVersion": "14150.376.32",
      "updateChannel": "stable-channel",
      "updateNewVersion": "",
      "updateProgress": 0.0,
      "updateRequired": false,
      "updateStatus": "idle"
   "system": {
      "countryCode": "us",
      "groupRole": "none",
      "hardwareId": "GALE D2Q-A3B-A3I-A4I-E2I",
      "lan0Link": true,
      "ledAnimation": "SETUP_REQUIRED",
      "ledIntensity": 30,
      "modelId": "BREEZE",
      "oobeDetailedStatus": "WAITING_TO_SETUP_OFFLINE",
      "uptime": 432
   "vorlonInfo": {
      "migrationMode": "weave_all"
   "wan": {
      "captivePortal": false,
      "ethernetLink": false,
      "invalidCredentials": false,
      "ipAddress": false,
      "online": false,
      "pppoeDetected": false,
      "vlanScanAttemptCount": 0,
      "vlanScanComplete": false