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QR Code Won’t Scan

Community Member

Scanning the QR code on the Nest router and the both returns the message “that is not the QR code you’re looking for.”


bottom of nest router has a 7-digit code, but not an 8-digit code. 

Seriously, google!?!


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

So you opened the Google Home app, went to Devices > + Add > New device?

It found your Nest Wifi router and you selected it?

It then prompted you to scan the QR code on the bottom and gave you that error?

Set up Nest Wifi Pro or Nest Wifi - Google Nest Help

Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

I've also read previously that sometimes the Google Home app messes up what device you're about to add, even though you choose the correct one, thus expecting the wrong QR code or PIN. And that in those cases, restarting the set up process in the Google Home app fixes it.

I don't work for Google.

Community Member

Qr code and id are on the back of the device