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The Points won't join mesh after designated room

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I have the Google nest wifi router with two Points. They've worked fine until we went on a holiday and pulled out the power cords before we went. When we got back and I plugged them back in, they had a bad connection, so i made a factory reset. After that they could connect, i got the "bling", but after theat i either get the error on the picture below, or it fails to connect to the mesh. This goes for both the points. 

I've read that the mesh problem can be fixed with an iPhone, so I'll get my mother to come visit later, but that won't help if i cant get past the error below.


To explain the picture: "Soveroom" is norwegian for bedroom, and is the designated room. G-Unit is the network name.


Hope someone can help, i sat with this for hours yesterday and couldn't get a good connection to game while my girlfriend watched "30 days fiancee" 😜 

Kim Skogvold



Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

First make sure the device is ready for setup by checking its light:
What the light on your Wifi device means - Google Nest Help

As you're using an iOS device, there are some specific things you can check:
Troubleshoot setup with iOS - Google Nest Help

Thank you for your reply. I've tried anything, but ended up giving up, took out the Points, and plugged them two days later. It then worked perfectly for a while 🙂 


Now i only have issue with internet from the provider dropping out, but they're on it.

Case closed on my part, only had to have them unplugged for a day or two 🙂

Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Glad you were able to get it sorted!

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi everyone,

We appreciate your help, @David_K.

@KimSkogvold, we’re glad to hear that the issue has been fixed! As we've got our resolution here, I'm going to mark this thread as resolved. I'll be locking this thread if we don't hear back from you in 24 hours. Should that happen, feel free to create a new one if you have more questions or other concerns in the future.

Kind Regards,