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Wired Ethernet in the attic, far from my cable modem

Community Member

I need to provide wired Ethernet coverage for a single device in my attic, in Texas. Where it's hot. Of course my attic has no ac so in the summer it gets really hot, 100+ easily. What I'm thinking is...

Add another nest router point to my existing nest wifi and use the lan port to wire the attic device. From search results it looks like this is doable, does anyone else run a config like this?

The second part is the max operating temp. I can't find a documented Max temp for nest wifi, does anyone know if 110+ in the summer is reasonable?



Diamond Product Expert
Diamond Product Expert

Hello @Jkspring 

The Ethernet ports on a secondary Nest WiFi Router unit (or a less expensive Google WiFi unit – those can be added as secondaries to a Nest WiFi system, too) should work for nearby clients. Do make sure that location can get a strong 5GHz connection to your primary Nest WiFi Router, though. If it's too far away or has too many obstructions, it may not be reliable.

As for temperature, it's likely the Google/Nest WiFi units will operate up to 40C, which may be pushing it for a Texas attic. It might work fine, but it might not – or it might work fine for awhile, and then fail. But if you can find a way to place it in a closet on the second floor where an Ethernet cable could go through the ceiling into the attic, that would keep it out of the really hot part of the house. Just a thought.

Thanks Michael! I've got it set up and working, I like the closet idea, I may go that route. Thanks for the insights!

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey, Jkspring.

It looks like you and MicahelP were able to work out a good solution for you here. I'm happy to see the community being so supportive. As we have our answer on this question, I'm going to go ahead and close up the thread, but if you have any additional needs or anything in the future, please feel free to open up a new discussion.