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Connecting Google nest to modem/router combo

Community Member

Hi, I recently purchased a Google nest router and 2 points. The router is connected to my dad's modem/router combo I live right next door and my brother lives next to me and we each have a point. When I do the mesh test they all say great connection. Upload download speeds are great. The issue is lately our route and points have been messing up and wifi has been dropping constantly and then takes forever to come back on. But, the pace router doesn't go off and the wifi connection doesn't drop at all. It's only the Google nest router having a problem. We've had this setup for about 4 months and everything was great up till about a week ago. I've done some research and I've concluded that I need to put the original router I to bridge mode. So the problem is, my dad won't let me because his cable modem is connected to the modem/router combo and he says that if I put it in bridge mode, he won't be able to watch his cable anymore because he can't connect his cable modem to the Google nest router. So my question is if I put his modem/router into bridge mode, how would that work with his cable modem? I believe we have DSL if that helps figure this out. Any help would be great as I'm sick of my internet dropping constantly. 

Thank you !!!!

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