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Doorbell stuck to wall mount

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My issue product is the Google doorbell battery operated. 

The button to release my doorbell is stuck and so my doorbell will not come off to charge or connect to other devices. I also have only had it for one day and now cannot add it to my Google home hub max that I've bought to go with it because I can't turn it on. I've tried for hours to pry it off. Nothing.

I attempted to contact support and was told to go to a special service business they use  which is $100. Then was logged out of the chat session.  Its extremely frustrating and disappointing as a new customer. 




We bought another Google Nest Hello Doorbell instead of the new Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) because we saw so many issues posted in this forum with the new battery doorbell, including defects causing problems with mounting and dismounting the doorbell. You've probably tried this, but starting at 3:35 in the first video on this Google Nest Help page, they show how it's SUPPOSED to work when removing the doorbell.  If you've tried this already, maybe your doorbell and/or mounting plate are defective and need to be replaced.

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