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An update for our Nest Secure, Dropcam, and Works with Nest Users and Developers Read more

Update for Nest x Yale Lock and Nest Detect Users Read more

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Nest deadbolt retracted latch hole is vertical

Hello,When I try and re-install my nest lock, it is backwards. Locking unlocks the door and locking locks the door. I recenlty had the door replaced. I have tried to re-install the lock and the instructions do not match up to my deadbolt. When I get ...

sxmalone by Community Member
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Resolved! My doorbell doesn't ring most of the time

I have a Nest doorbell and it does do live and video records but the doorbell itself doesn't ring 95% of the time. My son is having the same issue. Both are in covered front porches.

gogal by Community Member
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Resolved! Google assistant says Yale lock is unlocked when it is locked

When I tell Google Assistant to lock the door, it locks it then says the door has been unlocked, it does the same with routines. I have removed the device and set it up again and it still does it. I have had this lock for a few years and it has worke...

Plinds00 by Community Member
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Yale Lock icon missing from Google Home and Nest App

Not sure what's been going on. My Yale lock decided to stop honoring my master code. So I reset the lock, by pulling batteries, holding the reset button and then powering the device back on. I deleted the device in the Nest app and then re-added it, ...

Is there a way to access all footage from Nest camera?

Last night, my car was broken into. The car is in full view of my Nest doorbell camera. However, there is no record of the event on the camera. I watched through every bit of footage offered to us on the timeline, from the last time we used the car y...

Removing Connect Device

I try and remove my Connect device from my Nest app, but it does nothing when I tap 'remove'. No acknowledgement or action. I factory reset the Connect device by pressing on the button and waiting for the yellow light, has this messed up the removal ...

Seismo1 by Community Member
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Nest x Yale lock

I bought this one for 2 years ago and it was working perfect but 6 months ago Google made an update for the app and never was the same. My Google connect not connect with my lock and it said offline. I have tried in many ways I contacted the Nest cos...

Yboza by Community Member
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Nest Wired Doorbell

I hooked up my Nest Doorbell wired . The blue light is on and I hooked up the chimer. The doorbell does not ring and I am unable to hook up the wi fi .I have a total of 7 best cameras already hooked up

Porkpie7 by Community Member
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