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Google Max Hub hacking into my home network

Community Member

I own 3 Google max hubs I use them mostly for music I like the sound and also to view my cameras hat I have in front of my house when their working, Googles product works when they allow it to work. I have know control over the product I bought the consumer. Plus it’s zero to zero to ever speak to a live agent for any issue. Nest products finally yes you can get a agent but their in south or Central America with roosters in the background these back billion dollar companies source their customer service to other nation that are poor. I feel bad for these people they have to lie and claim their at the office when I know for a fact their not ATT is just like Google.  My issue is monitoring and listening to me plus watching me without my permission that’s against the law. Do any of you feel or hear people actually talking in the Hub Max also the little lense flickers a lot I’m wondering if their taking pictures or so,etching their doing I always catch threw the corner of my eye flickering from the lens I turn ,y head to look it gone. I turn off the camera and microphone it seems to ,e that they can control that to OMG I’m irritated with them pictures of myself have been seen on social media I wonder from who