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Google is a garbage company

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Just want to say Google is a garbage company for choosing to screw everyone who got a nest Detect in order to partner with literally the most reviled home security company on the planet. ADT has more better business complaints than every other security company combined and it really shows how Googles focus has changed. I was able to remove all of the Google products from my home and I am so much happier being an Apple house.  Any company that will screw over loyal customers to make a buck isn’t one I’m interested in inviting into my house. 


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What happened? I am (as of less than a month ago) a new customer of ADT and Google home security, (the latter stemming from becoming a customer of the former.) This makes me very curious to the details revolving the tragic incident that transpired between you and these two companies I have recently become entangled with myself. Perhaps you would be so kind, as to humor me by giving a few more details about this event you have spoken of here... please?

The short story is that google released the Nest alarm system a while ago and as part of their partnership with ADT they have decided to kill the product. ADT is generally known to be the most shady and questionable company, their billing practices are suspect and there are a ton of complaints about them. When I tried to get my ADT activated that was already installed in my house the tech they sent out told me I had to pay $8,000 to update the system and I found out there was nothing wrong with it. They were literally going to remove the system and reinstall the same system. What bothers me about Googles decision is that they are not only stopping sales, they are killing the servers and rendering the hardware useless. There’s no reason not to release open source firmware for the hardware, sensors (etc), but in order to drive sales to ADT Google is turning tons of perfectly functional hardware into e-waste. They are burning their customers who already purchased an expensive system from them and creating more waste, just to increase profits. Google used to be a good company but recently they have turned into a complete garbage company. We are removing all Google products from our house as they die. 

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I certainly understand why you would be upset with them, it definitely says alot about their ethics as a company to say the least. I too, am disappointed as I have been a long time Google fan. So I hope you don't find my next words to be offensive or selfish but I have to ask after we just dumped a pile of money into this new security system and are under a 5 year contract less than a month old... so the Google system that you mentioned Google itself is killing and turning into e-waste, is it in fact the same system ADTis installing currently in their customers homes? 

No. As far as I know there’s no plan to retire those systems. That is a combination of Google Hardware with ADT sensors, but it does show you that Google will, if it isn’t profitable, walk away without regarding their customers. I also noticed they got you into a 5 year contract. That’s a long time for this type of technology. I wouldn’t ever do more than 2 years when I had ADT and be aware, when I did cancel I was told by ADT that they had the right to enter my home whenever they wanted to remove the system since I wasn’t paying for it anymore. What I think you’ll find is now that you’ve signed and they have the contract, good luck getting attention if you have a problem. I had a sensor alerting for 4 days because I replaced a battery and that’s how long it took to get a response from support. 

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Well that's just wonderful.. this is what I get for not doing anymore research than I did prior to installment. I had no clue it was a 5 year contract until I looked the papers up myself when they left. I sincerely appreciate all of your information and input.. I believe I will do some research on just how ironclad their contract is at this point into our arrangement and if I might be able to find any wiggle room or loopholes to jump thru to get back out of it, and I will gladly leave the system on the porch for pickup 😜