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My Google Nest Mains powered Camera and twin Floodlights problems.

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The reason I purchased this mains powered model was that I believed it didn’t have a Battery! Now I am getting a low charge battery icon, why? I had noticed recently that both my wired Doorbell Nest Camera and the more powerful model with twin Floodlights were either showing idle or off, sometimes warning it had been offline for over 20hours. Needless to say I am extremely frustrated by this investment (it should be classified as Unfit for Purpose) with the number of errors.




If you have the 2nd Gen Google Nest Doorbell, and it is wired correctly with the "chime puck", it should be "Live" at all times. It does NOT have a battery, except for a small internal battery used to power the doorbell when the button is pressed. If you have this doorbell, then you cannot get a low battery warning. On the other hand, if you have the Google Nest Doorbell (Battery), then of course it has a battery, and can either run on battery power alone (and be dismounted periodically to charge it) or it can be wired, in which case the battery should trickle-charge.  The packaging for this doorbell should clearly indicate it is battery-powered, and it has separate instructions for wired installation.  (This link shows the 2 different doorbells on the Google Store site:

The Google Nest Floodlight Camera does have a battery, though this seems to be undocumented. We have basically the same camera without the floodlights--the Google Nest Camera (Battery). If this floodlight camera is connected correctly with the power cord feeding towards the FRONT of the camera, and if the USB plug is seated tightly in the bottom of the camera, and if the circuit for the floodlight camera is always turned on, then the battery SHOULD never deplete. We've had our battery camera plugged in with the optional power cable for 21 months, and it is always "Live" and the battery has remained charged.

Thanks for response. Sorry I didn’t make it clear perhaps. We are having issues with the mains powered 2 floodlight model, so I was surprised to get this warning in the understanding it was mains powered. To keep a good signal, I also purchased three Mesh Wifi Extenders that are all in a radius no further that 20ft away from the main Broadband Router. What galls me is a sudden increase in the spinning Blue circle on both the Nest App and the Google Home App. Then to see that either Camera has been turned off. 


I can't explain why either your camera or your doorbell should "turn off". That's something that has not happened to us. And if you're getting a low-battery warning, I can only suggest the connection issues I referenced above.

If you're getting a spinning blue circle in both the Google Nest app (do you have other older cameras?) and the Google Home app, then perhaps you have Wi-Fi issues. It does seem that some customers in this forum report issues using mesh Wi-Fi extenders with Google Nest cameras.

Thanks. The whole system was new last autumn, with all the latest equipment. From our experience so far and having moved all three Mesh extenders, I do suspect also, it’s a Wifi issue.