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Nest Secure not connected to Brinks Monitoring

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I have had a Nest Secure, and all the associated hardware, along with all my other Google Nest equipment which runs our whole house it seems (all 8000sq ft of it, with cameras in every room and all the way outside the house, multi zone hvac, motion sensors, and 24 smoke alarms!) - and when we bought a new house last fall, I connected it to Brinks for monitoring when I installed it there. It worked fine for the first few months.

Then, I had a google account security issue with my login and needed to change my password and jump through a few hoops to get back on: and my "home structure" disappeared in the Nest App, and many of the devices disappeared in the Google Home app. I have since deleted the structures in both apps, and re-added every device in my home. It all works well form a Google and Nest app perspective.

But, my Brinks monitoring is gone, and I cannot get it back. I still have an active account with Brinks I pay every month, but the Nest Secure will no longer associate with it. I've been the phone with tech support for both companies for 3 months now, and each one says it's a problem with the other.

I did get me a technician at Brinks that got me to the original "activation page" on the Nest Home website. We tried to put in a new code to authorize Brinks to reconnect with my Nest Secure, but it didn't work.

Any suggestions? I'd hate to throw out my 10s of thousands of dollars (we also hired electricians to hard wire all equipment into walls, then replaster and repaint them) of Google Nest, and have to start again with a new Security company that can monitor someone else's products that have good support for customers.



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Hey I've had the exact same problem and others on this community seem to have it too. I've spent 10+ hours with Google support and the issue is still open. Google support suggested that Brinks disable and enable the monitoring back to see if it would solve the issue. Brinks did that but now Nest won't accept the subscription because they discontinued the partnership. Google says there is nothing they can do about it. When I ask for a refund for a useless system they tell me to talk to Brinks about it! When I tell them that I talked to Brinks about it and they cannot refund a system they don't sell or have collected money for, Google Support answer is: here is Brinks' support number!

They made it very clear that they will not address the issue and that they will not refund me for a security system that they forced me out of. I will monitor the trend of people being forced into obsoleteness so we can take a group action.

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I’m not sure we’d have a class action because they discontinued new connections. But, certainly one because we continue to pay for it and they don’t support the service. I found a work around, when I finally got someone at brinks who understood the issue: they had to resend me the activation link to associate the home with the account. In order to do this, they had to disassociate, uncheck some box on their system which they said they weren’t supposed to do anymore because they were told not to support systems anymore. Once he dissacociated the home, and resent me the activation link, I was connected again when I went through the process. This sounds like yours was completely shut off, while mine wasn’t. I could see why they couldn’t sell you a “new” subscription. 
Still, all of this is horrible customer service, given how much we’ve spent, and going back and forth with technicians who know nothing, and getting nowhere.