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Nest Secure sunsetting email

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I have been trying to figure out over the last month why I have not received my promotion email for the sunsetting of Nest Secure.  I was told a month ago by 3 different representatives that the email would come and I would have to wait.  Today, I reached back out and was told again by 3 more agents, that I had to wait.  I asked to escalate and was extremely disrespected by an "escalated representative" who told me I didn't qualify because I didn't have my device online 28 days prior to the emails being sent out.  I proceeded to explain that my house had been under construction and I was unable to have my nest secured plugged in for a bit, however, my account clearly shows I have had nest secure since 2019, and still have and use the device.  This rep repeated the 28 day rule, stated they had other people to assist, and immediately disconnected without any further assistance or attempt at escalation.


1) Regardless of if my nest secure was online 28 days before you sent the emails out, I have clearly own the nest secure since 2019, still have the device active,  and should qualify for the promotion email as I bought an item you are no longer going to support and have said that you would be sending these emails out.


2) The blatant disrespect from your service agent was unacceptable.  To shove off someone with so little care is a representation of how your company thinks of its customers.


3) Please assist me with getting the promotional email sent, as you have with others.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Obsesse,

I’m sorry to hear about your experience redeeming the promotion. This is definitely not the experience we want you to have. Please contact Google Store support for redemption instructions. 


Keep me posted.




I've spent 3 hours over 2 days trying to contact support which is what got me to the above experience.  That's what the above post was all about.  And apparently,  I'm not going to get any help here.