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Nest x Yale Model YRD540 not registering in Alexa app

Community Member

I have a Nest x Yale lock model YRD540. I got the lock installed and all is working fine with my Nest app as far as locking and unlocking and checking status and getting alerts. 

My question and issue I am having is getting it linked into my Alexa app so I can control through Alexa via voice commands.  My Nest thermostats show up in Alexa app and work fine. But I do not see the Nest x Yale door lock showing up as a device in my Alexa app. I have linked my Nest acct to my Alexa account. 

Any ideas on how to get the Nest x Yale lock to show up in Alexa app as a device that can be controlled via voice?



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello My1MiscStuff,


Thanks for posting in our Community. I’d be happy to help you with your questions.


The Nest x Yale Lock can’t be controlled with Alexa. The Google Nest skill for Amazon Alexa works with the following Nest devices:


  • Nest cameras and doorbells
  • Nest thermostats

You can check out this article to learn how to control Google Nest products with Amazon Alexa.


Reach out if you have any other questions.