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Never received an email about the ADT promo

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When I read about the ending of the nest system I was completely bummed and disappointed. What was more disappointing is that I never received an email regarding the ADT promo offer. I contacted customer service and they tried to help me but alas after 30mins no luck with solving my no promo email issue. I've had my Google nest secure for 5yrs now with multiple nest detects, wireless cams and the video doorbell. I've always been happy with my nest secure system and now they just wanna throw it down the drain. Such a pity. But I was wondering if anyone else had any issues about not receiving the ADT promo email. Just curious because I'm not sure how to resolve the issue. Not what route to go. Any help or insight would be appreciated. Customer service is still trying to figure things out, but I'm not sure it will successful. Thanks.


Community Member

This is one I can actually explain. I did receive the email for the ADT+ promo to switch. However, I am going to strongly recommend you DO NOT GET IT PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! 

Nothing with the system works it is complete garbage. I got account issues, monitoring issues, and the other day all of my sensors randomly disappeared. My home has been without monitoring now for about a month because of these problems and ADT is doing absolutely nothing to fix it and Google does not care about us anymore! 

But to answer your question.. The reason you likely did not receive an email for the promo is because your system had to actively be in use and professionally monitored with the Brinks contract 28 days prior to the announcement in order to qualify for the promo switch to ADT+. I hope this helps. Basically they just gave me an ultimatum of choose between the free kit or the $200 Google store credit. I should have taken the credit and grabbed another doorbell cam and called it good with a SimpliSafe setup. Because this junk is a disaster my friend. Stay away please!!!! 

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The ADT+ stuff is so bad, and will feel like a downgrade on every level.  It is a PAIN to get your refund.  Other users are saying they get stuck in endless loops with google store support and have to fight for weeks to get it straightened out.  

Still better than the junk ADT system.  It's so bad I'm likely going to go through the process of deactivating and returning all of it, despite all the work it was to set it up.  

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I just got off support chat because I did not get an email either and they got on my account and confirmed I have secure. know what they tell me? Sorry you didnt get the email. Nothing we can do. We cant resend. its automated by the google. WTF. So I lose my alarm, and also lose the 200$ or promotional chance for the ADT? Beyond pissed right now.


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I received the offer, but when I tried to redeem it ADT's website won't allow me to place the order.  It just spins indefinitely. 

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What is the email titled for the Secure credit? I’m trying to look…

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I am in the same boat. Love my nest secure and invested a lot with the cameras, smoke detectors, motion sensors, thermostat so that everything was in one eco system but I have not received the email to redeem the ADT offer either. 

Having one ecosystem is extremely important.  I feel your pain!  I'm so frustrated right now and I, too, have not received any email.

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Well Google, you did a good job at driving customers away. Since I am SOL with any type of $200 voucher or system upgrade, I will gladly be giving my money to ANYONE else. See ya never.