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Yale Nest lock unlocks when it's suppose to lock

Community Member

Installed this lock 2 years ago.  Took it apart to clean it.  Hooked it back up, re did all the instructions, and now the lock is completely reversed.  In other words, when I type in the code to unlock the door, it locks.  When I press the "main" button, it unlocks the door.  On the app, when I press and hold the lock button, it unlocks the door while showing that it is locked and visa versa for the unlock.  I have reset it to factory settings 4 times, redid all the instructions including hooking it up to the wifi and adding it to my nest account.  Don't tell me to reset it again, unless you have another step to add.  This thing is quit frustrating right now and I really think that the only options is for a replacement unit, unless there is a special code to manually change the direction.  Any thoughts??  

Thank you in advance.


Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

Don't own one of these yet, but installed many electronic locks and usually it's a missing step.