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Hub stuck on grey ‘g’ screen, factory reset not helped

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Hub stuck on g screen factory reset brings it back to g screen. Power off overnight, no change. 

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Community Specialist

Hey folks,


Thanks for sharing all the details about the issue. 


We understand this issue has been happening for quite some time now, but rest assured that our team is aware of this and looking into this issue at hand. Please try to plug in the device to a different power outlet, then attempt a reset.


If unresolved, perform the workaround below:


  1. At the back of the Nest display, unplug the power cord and wait for 10 seconds, then plug it back in and wait until the screen with the "G" logo shows up
  2. Repeat the first step, 10 more times.
  3. After the customer plugs the power cord back in, wait for the device to reset. The device announces "Welcome to Google Home" to signify that it's ready for setup.

Put your device to recovery mode:


  1. Put the device in Recovery Mode (Unplug the device, then perform a long press on the volume up and volume down buttons while the customer plugs the device back in. Once the device turns back on, release the volume buttons.)
  2. Once the device boots into Recovery Mode (a long press on both volume up and volume down buttons at the same time), attempt a factory reset.


If the above steps don't work, please reach out to us to get immediate support on this link:




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I am having the same issue. I spent a lot of $$ for this. Someone help.

Hi i'm experiencing the same problem and its very frustrating,

i've tried factory reseting it multiple times but still no luck,

what should i do?

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Hi im having the same issue

The customer care has confirmed no device replacement due to out of warranty. Is there any workaround solution to fix this issue ? If not device is useless ? 

Community Member

Hi, Has the issue been resolved? Already tried recovery mode and factory reset. Same outcome. Stuck on G loading screen. 

Community Member

Mine has not. Waiting to hear from Google….

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My device just went into the same state yesterday. I can not factory recover it. Is there a fix available?

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I am having the same problem.  I have tried the factory reset method given but it just goes directly back to the grey G screen

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Hello Frances.

So I sent pictures, model number and all the information they requested from me 2 months ago. They contacted me a couple of weeks ago and told me to be patient. You opened the case for me what 4 months or so ago? So now what? How long more I should wait for Google to take responsibility over this issue? I saw that for some users they put the claim and in a few weeks they got a working replacement device. So the question here is what is the criteria response? I mentioned to James that I have multiple a Google devices including a Google wifi mesh, speakers, Google mini, Google TV’s, Google nest thermostat, and basically the hub is the brain of my smart setup. Or definitely this is something that Google just don’t care? I hope you could have a different answer. It is sad that a company as big is playing a so cheap game.

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I couldn’t see where to open a case. I could see where I could tell them I had an issue but I never got a case number etc… any advice on how to proceed? Our machine is now essentially a paperweight:(

Even I got response from Google customer care that I bought it from UK and now in India hence can't provide a replacement , they have asked me to send device to UK Google store and then they will deliver replacement device to UK address , I shocked when I heard the response as they were trying to stop me instead helping , this issue introduced and if no workaround from Google then should be accepted to send replacement irrespective of any cases but received bad response from customer care I completely disappointed , I m also using all devices from Google.

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Luga, I have the same experience and contacted them for four over months and sent rhe pictures and video to James and now my warranty has expired as it was a Christmas  gift last year. Still was told to be patient. What is the criteria and why they are nit admitting that they bricked our nesthub. Who is responsible?

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I have this issue

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My google nest hub is also doing the exact same thing. I tried the factory reset and no luck. I purchased the device not long ago. Help please!

I’m having the same issue. What’s the recommended work-around?

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My nest hub is frozen...tried everything. Looking to get help.

@frances I have tried all the steps but failed, can you open a case for me?

Hello Frances, I have a First Gen Google Home Hub stuck on the white G screen even after several restores and factory reset tries. Not sure why mine did this and was actively playing the google "word game" on the hub's platform at time of lock up. Did the Google Chat thing yesterday for over an hour with no solution. Trying to call the contact number and no one ever picks up and no updates about operators; just bad music playing. Does not look like Google can fix this or they would have had it posted by now.

Two hours on phone with music and Support picked up and was able to bring up my previous Chats with Google Support.  After a couple photos and e-mails back and forth they determined only sending the UNIT back will it get fixed or replaced. At this time awaiting  last e-mail for shipping stickers. I'm being informed that this issue only effects some gen one units and not all. Checking your Unit by doing a reset now after the update will determine if your Unit has the same issue.

I have the same problem and also have a Case ID-5-############1630 and I haven't received a confirmation email from Google yet verifying that they've received request for support. I just want to know why there's been an update that has potentially bricked so many devices from what I can see in multiple forums. I don't have the time to spend hours troubleshooting only to find that my device isn't going to work even after the prescribed methods of fixing it are attempted....Help please

Can you please make me a case number as well? I have a Google Nest Hub that is also stuck on the G screen, even after trying a factory reset. 😭

Nevermind - I contacted support and have a case number now. It's been "escalated," so here's hoping!

I am having the same issue. Device suddenly stopped and I am stuck on the G page. I have tried recovery and factory reset without any luck. I have not had this device very long and it was expensive. How do I get a replacement!?

thank you!

Community Member

Add me to the list of bricked nest display hubs. Another random victim of a broken  software update. The hardware is fine but the software revision killed it. I hope my other two displays  do not also fall victim. 

Looking for help and a case number to get advices help on how I can get thug problem resolved. 
Thank You,


Community Member

Hey All - for me I was able to solve this issue. With the G screen frozen and the hub ON,  I held both volume buttons until the hub voice assistant prompts that the unit is going into a factory reset. When it comes back online it goes through the initial setup. Fortunately it held all my devices that were previously connected (although I did have to re-sync my smart lights). Hope this helps you all!


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mine is doing the same thing, seemed to be after we lost power, now it’s stuck on grey screen


have tried factory reset, what can we do now?




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Did you try holding both volume buttons while the unit is still powered on? It should prompt a voice response from the hub that it will reset. That worked for me when it booted back up. 

Yup I did factory reset 5 times with no result

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I'm having the same problem.  I tried chat the person Marie never replied back, then I tried calling I was literally holding for 1 hour.  Nobody answered the call.  I can't believe how badly customers are treated.

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Does seem to be the trend

The team appears to have been actively looking into this for 3 months now - when will there be a solution?? I’m an incredibly loyal customer but this is frustrating. 

Same issue after a power outage. 

Carrie Mast

Community Member

I am also now having this issue. 

My nest hub has also just gone to grey start up screen and is stuck there! Have tried the factory reset nothing works? Please help? 

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Hi had the same problem . Now been replaced by Google upgraded to gen 2 at no cost to me . Was also out of warranty . Great service sent mine back on the 4th jan received replacement on the 5th 

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which country are you in? Who in Google helped?

Community Member

Is there a fix for this. I am having this issue now that it seems several people had back in October. 

Community Member

There is no fix for this. This is a hardware and software defect that Google knows about and refuses to do anything about it.

Just throw it out 

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To this day, still occurrs. Just had my Google Nest Hub bricked yesterday. Simply because I moved it.

I switched from iOS to Android just so my nest hub can yeet it's worth out the window?