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Spoken broadcast message changed to spoken message??

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So when I broadcast a  spoken message to other devices in the house, the nest devices start to analyse the message and then change it to a spoken message using the google voice.  I know this sounds absurd and that is exactly what it is.  Why on earth would you want to change a spoken message into a.... spoken message??? Which 9 out of 10 times is wrong as well!! How do I turn this 'feature' off and prevent the home devices from trying to analyse spoken broadcast messages??

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Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey everyone,


Great news! I'm thrilled to inform you that the broadcasting issue has been resolved. If you're still experiencing any problems, a quick reboot of your device could help. But, if the issue persists, do let us know by updating this thread.




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I've submitted a form.


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Me too - does this mean you will refund the 8 speakers I have as the system is no longer usable?

You broke the broadcast feature
1. No longer broadcasting real voices, just Assistant voice. Impersonal.
2. Does not recognize when my family speaks Japanese, just sending garbage English instead. Racist, or at least insensitive.
3. Can't tell who in the household is broadcasting. Usability.
4. Slow. Performance.
5. You did all of this for no good reason. Arrogant.



Since the form wasn't working....

we need this fixed please help


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In the last few months, when we broadcast to the other devices in our house, we have had issues.

1 - sometimes she doesn’t listen to us and doesn’t broadcast despite us talking just as clearly the second time, which works.

2 - she says she will broadcast to the other devices, they get the incoming broadcast chime, but then silence for another 10 seconds or so, then delivers the message

3 - often cuts off the message and only delivers the first few words.

4 - more often than not, no longer relays a recording of our voices, and instead google assistant reads out the message, usually with incorrect words etc.


what’s changed in the last few months and how do we fix these issues.

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Google is aware but does not fix it. They probably need to harvest spoken words again for whatever dark purpose. Anyway, see here also.

The google broadcast feature has become useless for my family now. Transcripts are 90% wrong!

At the first place years ago, the easy broadcast communication throuout the house feature was the main reason why I invested in this system. 

It is a shame to introduce new functionality by destroing the old one. It is called bad planning/manegement/programming -  unprofessionalism. Somebody still does not understand the real possibilities of the AI. 

And as I understand Google still has no solution to this.

Agreed. I want this info as well. I bought this to help me communicate with my elderly parents who's first language isn't English. They just made the speaker system completely useless. It only broadcasts 1/3 of the words in each message now. 

So you assume we only speak in English to our households? Or that the only people who use the features have accounts?

Beyond user experience, you may have a diversity, equity, and inclusion issue on your hands

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This information is useless - it doesn't work the system has been changed and is very annoying 


Nobody is happy, Google.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello everyone,


Thanks for sharing details about the issue here. I've duplicated this thread to a similar trending issue. Our team is aware of this and looking into this issue at hand. You’ll receive all updates on this issue on the main thread and we recommend updating and checking this thread when needed.


@MplsCustomer: I appreciate you for sharing the link. I can confirm that this issue regarding broadcasting is not related to any additional support provided for the Nest Cam 1st gen.




This just started happening to us as well.

On another post (, Google Nest says "Currently, we don’t have the option to turn this feature off."

So it seems us that Google Nest:

1) Decided that it would no longer broadcast the customer's spoken voice,

2) Did NOT tell customers that it was making this change,

3) Decided to call this a "feature" (ha ha), and

4) Decided NOT to provide an option to go back to what we had previously.

This is happening here too. I broadcast messages from work telling my kids i love them, broadcasting throughout our house, etc.. They have trauma from my ex and my divorce and hearing me when they cannot see me helps comfort them. They're too young for cell phones. The fact MY VOICE no longer does it and it's the Google assistant telling my kids it loves them has them upset. 


If this feature isn't brought back i want every single speaker I have refunded. It's primarily why I purchased them to broadcast to and from my kids throughout our house.


Everything's updated, on same network, voice and audio turned on in web activity, etc. This is a Google issue and it needs to be fixed. Removing functionality after a purchase warrants refunds

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No matter what Google speaker I use or my Nest hub display, when I broadcast it will use my voice recording but not my wife's.

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Filled in the form too. Expect little from it. After all, we are talking Google here, 

Might switch to a more user friendly competitor now after 3 years with Nest. Smh

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello folks,


Just a quick update. We're already on top of this, hang tight. We'll be sharing updates here in the community as soon as we have them.




I hope so. I'm getting ready to start putting up the thousands of I've spent on Nest products on eBay because of this useless voice transcription

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Hi do you have any update on this? My Google home is don't the same thing and I can't get it to revert to my original broadcast


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It started to work correctly for a few days and today it's back to the Google assistant vice transcribing what I say, and terribly I might add.  


I'm really starting to question Google's developers and their skill set.  

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Same here… was working for a week or more and now it sucks again. 

exactly the same for me. frustrating to say the least

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Hi Muddi,

What's the ETA on a resolution here? I broadcast messages in my mother tongue which is a rare dialect. Google nest now ignores my messages when I try to broadcast a message to my family, rendering it useless to me. I'm very desperate here.

Kind regards, 


Will the answer come as quickly as the pulsing lights issue? Sarcasm intended. Your consumers are efficiently pissed and unlikely to purchase Google products in the future. I know, because I am one and am looking to switch to your competitor. 

Is there an update as to when this can be fixed? Living in a big house of 6 and each room has its own speaker it's hard to decipher who is broadcasting now. It's very impersonal and the delay to translate into automated voice makes it very frustrating to respond or send messages in timely manner. Please fix soon!!!!! 

I posted this topic, you moved it so I know you guys are reading them. How about a reply or an update? 

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Where is the fix?  Your message was 4 weeks ago?  This is VERY annoying

You haven't done anything. I can no longer use Japanese to broadcast to my family, and vice versa. 

Again, you've done nothing good here.

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Is there an update on this issue?  I’ve used “Broadcast” ever since I got google products and loved that it was my own voice on the broadcast. 

I can’t figure out why the Gooogle Assistant voice is the only voice now.  It doesn’t even transcribe properly all the time.  

I just want to do simple things like tell the kids it’s dinner time…I shouldn’t have a google voice doing that, it should be mine. 

How do I fix this?  Did I change something not knowingly?  I feel like this was very recent. 

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It used to record and play back your message if not english. Now it either tries to understand it and mimic in english or simply fails to broadcast anything. You guys screwed up a perfectly fine working feature.

Any update? As it is really a feature my family would need to us please -i.e. broadcasting our own voices-



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Whats is happening to solution?

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This is driving me nuts.  All nuance is lost in the transcribing and I can't even tell who sent the message.  And let's not go into how it mangles the message or the names

It's been a month any updates. This was the most used function in our family. The Transcript takes forever, is not accurate and doesn't indicate who said it.


Please fix soon!

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Is anyone listening?  More than a month of "hanging tight" has passed.  Have you decided to abandon this thread?

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It seems to work since today.. I wrote a complete message here that the 'team is not on top of it', since I have been waiting for almost 2 months for an update after I submitted this complaint. But suddenly it seems to work. Thank God. I was already looking for Alexa devices. 

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My Google home and all speakers connected have stopped broadcasting our voices, instead the messages are broadcast in google assistant voice, can someone tell me how to change it?