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Google home app for thermostat is poorly designed

Community Member

I have gone through three different "programmable" thermostats in the last six years.

Two of them were very straight forward and intuitive. Just set up your account and input your desired temp...


Now we have moved on to the Nest thermostat and boy what a complete change! I didn't realize that google would or could design such a bad app. For basic functions I find myself coming here to read and take notes...? Why? Something this simple .... it should just work.


If I want to put a hold of 75 degrees 

I shouldn't have to go to a website and read the 5-6 steps that it takes. Memorize those steps or take notes.

I shouldn't have to have a chat conversation to figure out how to change the temp for a time segment.


Honestly it should be super easy to use without all of the fuss of...

First you have to change this setting on the previous screen in order to fix this setting to what you want, so back up click down, change setting, go back to previous screen make adjustment, but you can't as you have to be in eco mode so go change that time frame to then be able to set your desired temp for while your gone..... oh "F" I'll just turn off the power to the house till we get back!


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey austinnate, 


Thanks for sharing your feedback — this is greatly appreciated as we're constantly looking for ways to improve. 


Keep an eye out for news and updates.