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Nest App on iOS closes after 1-2 minutes with no error messages.

Community Member

My siblings and I have the Nest app installed on our various iPhones so that we can monitor our mother in her nursing home with a Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor camera.

While actively viewing, the app closes/crashes after 1-2 minutes.  Re-launching the app, it closes again.  There are no error messages.  Between the three of us, we have deleted and re-installed and nothing fixes it.  For me, it's an iPhone 8+ running Nest V5.67.0.6 and I keep my iPhone up-to-date.  Today, iOS is 15.1

I also have the Nest app installed on my Samsung GS21 Ultra 5G for my Nest Video doorbell and the Nest app never closes/crashes.

I should point out, that my siblings and I are logged into the Nest iOS app under our mother's gmail account since I know of no way to access the Nest app on a single device using multiple Google accounts.

I found this recent post but it wasn't an exact match.

Please do not edit/move nor bury this post to another post about slowness and performance issues -- the above are not the same symptoms.