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Nest Thermostat with iPhone

Community Member

I have used nest for several years, PRE GOOGLE. Worked great. Within the last year the app stopped behaving as it normally did. Google home went live and Nest Thermo went upside down. 

I cannot reach the app from my phone, it goes to google home.  

Checking installation, I can scan the code, but never get a next step to work successfully. 

Heat and cooling work, but its random if it works on the schedules I set up 1-2 years ago, or I just stand in front of the thermostat and try to dial it in.

Congrats google.  You seem to have messed this up royally.  Please provide instruction. AND, I cant get the app to come up in the Apple App Store. 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi, everyone. 
In an effort to keep content fresh on the forums here and prioritize current issues, I'm going to go ahead and close up this thread. If you have any outstanding issues from this post or any other problems, please feel free to open up a new discussion.
- Jeff