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Nest x Yale Lock - Guest codes not working

Community Member

Over the last few months we have had several instances where the passcode setup for a guest (Airbnb) that has an expiration will not work. Yes, we’ve confirmed date and code but the lock will not recognize the code as valid. As a work around, we’ve had to remove expiration dates/times and manually add/delete codes as guests come and go, which is defeating the main purpose as to why we went with this lock.

We have also started creating codes for our guests on the morning of check in. Guests usually arrive 5-6 hours after we do this and then their codes still do not work. After they arrive and they are locked out of our rental, they message us saying they can’t get in. We then need to create them yet another new code and that usually works. This has happened six times in the last few months. It’s very frustrating and we feel terrible that our guests are left stranded .

Please help!!


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi simtnviewpsned,


I’m sorry to hear that and for the delayed response here. Was your lock’s privacy mode on during those times? When the privacy mode is on, it completely disables the keypad so it can’t be unlocked by entering a pass code. 


Give these steps a try:

Turn off your lock’s privacy mode in the Nest app:


  1. You can turn Privacy Mode on or off with the app.
  • Select your lock on the app home screen. You’ll know if Privacy Mode is enabled if you see Privacy Mode on the main screen.
  • Tap Privacy Mode.
  • Tap Turn on.
    • If your door is unlocked, tap Lock and turn on to lock your door and then turn on Privacy Mode.
    • To turn off, tap Turn off.
  • Using the thumb turn:
  • Turn the thumb clockwise inside your home to unlock the door. This will also turn off Privacy Mode. The lock will say, “Privacy mode is off.

        2. Restart your lock:

  • Put the batteries back in after 60 seconds. Wait a few minutes to check if your lock comes back online.

Let me know how it goes.




Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there,


I just wanted to follow up to see if you still need our help. Please let us know as we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

I appreciate the help, JT.




Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello there,


Just checking in to make sure that you've seen our responses. Please let me know if you have other questions or concerns as I will be locking this in 24 hours if I won't hear back from you again. Feel free to start a new thread and we'll be happy to help.