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New Home Purchase

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I just purchased a home with an existing NEST camera and doorbell set up.  The previous homeowner is deceased and the home was in an 'estate'.  The decendants apparently don't have knowledge or access the the account the equipment is set up on.  

Is there any way I can transfer these existing cameras and doorbell to a new account?  

Also, to my knowledge there is no 'hub' or 'brain' existing for them to connect to (if that is a necessary piece of equipment) - the thermostat is an old digital thermostat.  I'm happy to create an account and acquire whatever is needed to sync up with the existing equipment and ultimately add to the ecosystem.

Worth mentioning - I was unsure which App to choose in the "Labels" section, as I am set up on neither the "Nest App" or the "Home App".  So guessing...

Any advice or feedback would be much appreciated.

Thank you,



Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

For you to be able to link the camera and doorbell to your account, they would first need to be removed from the previous owner's account. That can only be done by logging into that account. Unless that takes place, you won't be able to link them to your account and set them up as yours unfortunately.

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Hi folks,


Thanks for your help, davidking.


Thanks for letting us know and that's a good question! If the previous owner of the Nest doorbell and camera is deceased and you don't have a means to remove them from the old account. You may follow the camera deactivation process.


If your camera(s) were last connected to the same Wi-Fi network that you're currently trying to pair the camera to, please follow these steps:


  1. Unplug the camera(s) 
  2. Wait at least 48 hours. 
  3. Before beginning the pairing process, change the Wi-Fi network SSID. This will disconnect any devices that are currently
  4. connected to the Wi-Fi network. 
  5. Plug the cameras back into a power outlet and connect them to the account using the new Wi-Fi network SSID. 
  6. Once they're paired, change the Wi-Fi network SSID back to the original SSID.

You can visit the article Set up and connect Nest camera to get the steps on how to pair your camera to your new account. Use the Nest app to update the camera's Wi-Fi settings to reflect the original SSID. You can also visit the article Change camera and doorbell Wi-Fi settings to get the steps on how to complete the pairing process.


Let me know how it goes.




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Community Specialist

Hi Jeanae,


It's me again. I want to make sure you're all good — how did the steps go?



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Community Specialist



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