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phone does not really "ring" when you push door bell

Community Member
  • I purchased the nest doorbell (battery) specifically to be able to attend to visitors (like courier delivery or the rare unexpected guests) when they press the doorbell and I am away from home or traveling for work. The doorbell promised to alert me but I have discovered that apart from a small little ping on my phone iPhone 12 mini iso 15.2 like I would get for an email or message, the phone does not really "ring" or play a loud sound alert when the doorbell button is pressed. The alert is so easy to be ignored if the phone is outside my direct sight, like in my pocket. Visitors have been complaining that despite this fancy gadget they can't connect with me when I am away. Is there any way of getting a loud alert for a doorbell ring or is device only good for people always at home? I expected better from Google. Please help. I hope to give it a chance to work before I return it in disappointment. Thanks.