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Chime connector replacement

Community Member

So I read on Nest's website to contact them if you need a chime connector replacement. So I did. Customer service took my serial number and realized it is put of warranty. He then said sorry can't help you. So now I pay over $200 for their product and I can't use it because nest won't SELL me a chime connector?? I asked that question to customer service and guess what, they ended the **bleep** chat. Nest customer service sucks, go with Ring products, they will do anything to help you.


Community Member

Same here. They just said I understand you're frustrated have a good day. My chime connector broke. They won't sell me one. Yet said they could send one out if it was in warranty. You can't buy them anywhere. It honestly just feels like a scam to sell more doorbells as the only way to get one is to buy another doorbell now.