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Cameras and Doorbells

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Floodlight settings/options gone

I have 2 nest cam with floodlights. Used to have a icon I could manually turn them on and off and also change all the settings timers etc for them. All of that has completely vanished like they don't exist. The lights still work but have zero control...

Nest Aware not an option all of a sudden

I use to have Nest Aware. Today I check my phone after almost a year to retrieve video and realized I don’t have it. I tried to add the feature and also realized Next was not offering it through the app. Not sure what’s going on.

Ro112 by Community Member
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Resolved! 32 Seconds Lost - Every Time Someone Rings the Bell

This has been happening for years and it's finally annoyed me enough to investigate. If someone rings my door bell, video stops recording, and I cannot use the phone app until 32 seconds go by. It makes trying to use the app when I'm away from my hom...

Nest cams to Wi-Fi after router upgrade.

Have multiple line powered Nest cams, mostly outside up high, but also have one indoor cam, and one door bell cam. Cable company updated router, but kept same SSID & password. None of the Nest devices came back online. I was able to get the doorbell ...

Kmartyn by Community Member
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