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Doorbell Video Feed Doesn't Work

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I have a Nest wired doorbell, and have had it for several years. I have noticed an issue lately though that has been frustrating. When an activity happens, like someone rings the doorbell, I get a notification on my phone as expected, but the problem is the video feed will not pull up. If I go in to the app and just select the video feed at random times throughout the day, the video feed comes up just fine. But it doesn't pull up when I need it due to the doorbell ringing.

I'm not sure what to try, since it's not really that the video feed isn't working per se. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.




Your post says you have a 2nd gen Google Nest Doorbell, but it hasn't been out for several years, so you must have a Google Nest Hello Doorbell.

It sounds like the internal battery (the existence of which Google Nest does not disclose) is failing. This causes the doorbell to go offline for a minute whenever the doorbell button is pressed.

Google Nest says they "cannot" replace doorbells older than the 1-year warranty. The internal battery in all 3 of our Nest Hellos has now failed.

The workaround is to turn of the "Indoor chime" option (the doorbell then does NOT go offline) and turn on the "Visitor announcements" option to get notifications on your Nest Hubs and Nest Minis (

There is a VERY long thread with over 1,000 replies in this forum on this problem:

Some customers have tried prying open their Nest Hello to replace the internal battery:

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I appreciate your help, MplsCustomer.




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