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Get motion notifications on Google Home speakers?

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Hello. I just installed a new Nest Hello doorbell (wired). I was able to successfully get the doorbell chime to play through my Google home speakers when the doorbell button is pressed, but now I am trying to get motion notifications to play through the speakers as well. How can I turn that on? Or, is there a way to set up a routine triggered by the motion from the doorbell camera?


We had a Ring doorbell for years, and when it finally died a week ago I decided to upgrade to the Google brand doorbell. For the most part, we really love all the features that the Nest Doorbell has that the Ring doesn't. However the one thing we really got used to with the other brand is that is played a chime through remote speakers when motion was detected, separate from when the doorbell was actually rang. This let us know if someone was on our front porch, regardless of whether we had our phones on us or not.


I really hope there is a solution here, because otherwise this new doorbell might not pass the Wife Acceptance Testing.




Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

There isn't any way to get a chime when motion is detected from speakers that I'm aware of using the Home app.

But if you use the Samsung SmartThings app, and connect your Nest account to it, you can create automations there based on Nest camera motion detected in an IF/THEN structure and you may be able to piece together something that way that works to notify you in an acceptable way.

Thank you for this. I do have SmartThings, and I do see the motion sensor show up as an option in building routines. I could make it turn on lights or something, but I will have to mess around to see if there's some kind of action I could have it perform. Thanks

Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

I agree big time with the request by goodeep89.  This feature NEEDS to be added to the Google Home App.  I looked in the smart things and I do not see a way for the "THEN" part to do the job being requested.  Just like when someone pushes the doorbell and the Google Hub immediately switches to a view, there needs to be an option that this same thing happens when the doorbell detects a person. This should be trivial for Google Home to do as 99% of the code is already in place.   This should not be something that is accomplished by a 3rd party app.  Google really needs to step up on this and SO MANY other issues with the limited Google Home app and it needs to be soon as people move away from Nest products and onto the popular platforms.   ... just my opinion.

Good to know I'm not the only one disappointed by this. Is there a way to submit a feature request? Of all the creative things Google does, I am surprised they haven't enabled this yet. Hopefully at some point.