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New Nest Cam Battery won't show live video

Community Member


We have had the older generation of nest cam for a few years now, no issues at all. Purchased the newer battery indoor and outdoor cam and have had nothing but problems. 

We have tried restarting, resetting the cam, we have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the cam. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Absolutely nothing has worked, the cam simply will not let us see the live video. We even spoke to Google support which suggested it was a hardware problem, so we returned it and got a new one, exactly the same problem!


The camera records as we can see the clips when it detects but just simply will not show us live feed.

Never had any problems with the nest app, it's the Google home app that just simply doesn't work.


Very frustrating! We are almost on route to get rid of both cams and go with ring...