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Power cable for installation

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Sorry if this is a really silly question, and I did search to see if it had been asked before but I found the forum hard to search for specific topics.

How does one install the power cable for a Nest Outdoor Camera? If you plug it into an outdoor socket, an intruder would simply unplug it? But to plug it in indoors, you need to drill through walls, which seems a massive job? How do people overcome this?



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Maybe I am overthinking anyway, as an intruder could also just cut the power cable, even easier than unplugging it from an outdoor socket?!


No security is perfect. Yes, an intruder walking packing a wire cutters could slice the camera's power cord, but they'd be caught on camera doing so. And for three of our cameras, where we drilled simple 7/8-inch holes through our garage walls, the intruder would also have to climb a ladder and stand within inches of the camera to do so. We don't spend time worrying about it.

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Community Specialist

Hi everyone,

@jimmyh, thanks for reaching out here in the Community and we appreciate you sharing your thoughts and ideas. You may use your Nest Camera as a deterrent. A highly visible security camera can help deter potential intruders. If you want your Nest Camera to help discourage intruders, Install your Nest Camera in a place where it can easily be seen and make sure its status light is on. If you prefer your Nest Camera to blend in, think of ways it can visually tie into things that are already there, like similarly colored items on a shelf. Hit this link for more information about protecting your Nest Camera against tampering and theft.


I appreciate the help, MplsCustomer.

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Thanks everyone. So is the most popular power solution an external socket? Or drilling through your wall to reach an internal socket? Or something else? Thanks!